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IOT Updates

What’s The Essential Of IOT?

You probably read an article or heard about IoT or Internet of things. But do you happen to understand what it means? Have you already figured out its contribution to the growing globalization? Do you know its use and effect on things around you? Do you know how it poses […]

New Technologies For PWD Revealed At The 2014 Tacoma IT Convention

The 2014 Tacoma IT Convention emphasized the role of technology as an enabler for persons with disabilities (PWD). The objective of this convention is to bring to the world’s awareness the ways how PWD can contribute to the workforce by maximizing technology. Listed below are some of the assistive technologies […]

A Guide To Protect Yourself In The Digital Age

The availability of the latest and excellent advancements in the field of technology has helped several people around the globe. One of the best inventions ever is the Internet. With it, everyone can already connect through several virtual platforms. People no longer need to wait for days before they can […]

Game-Changing IoT Tackles Mental Health Issues

Technology is now intervening with human behavior.  With the goal to promote mental wellness, the industry is also hoping to make treatment more accessible and available to homes.  Thanks to IoT, mental healthcare environment is slowly changing.  It is focusing its efforts to combat depression, anxiety, and some other mental […]

Be A Smart Parent, Take Care Of Your Baby The Smart Way

Indeed, the future is here and now.  IoT or the internet of things is fast becoming the new best friend of new moms and dads.  Monitoring their newborn has become less of a hassle.  This new technology allows mothers to do other stuff than just watching over their babies without […]

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Turning Your Parents House To A Smart Home

I can’t imagine myself living in a boxed shelter housing for the elders when I get old.  I hope my kids would not allow it to happen to me.  I witnessed how my grandparents struggled when my mom and her siblings sent them to home for the elderly.   It pains […]

Don’t Let Hackers Get Into Your Smart Homes

Many consumers are now going into home automation.  Purchasing devices that can be linked to the internet allow residents to manage and monitor their homes conveniently.  Without moving from their position, they can easily adjust the lighting, the room’s temperature, and even lock the door.   This is the new smart […]

What Is the Internet of Things?

Nowadays, we often see the term “Internet of Things” being mentioned in tech news. But what exactly is the IoT and how can it affect our lives? To get a better understanding of the IoT, let’s start at the beginning.     

The Pros and Cons of the Internet of Things 

The Internet of Things, or the IoT, is a system of intelligent devices that can connect to each other and even make limited decisions based on the information that they’ve gathered. However, like any other technology it has its own advantages and disadvantages.