Mental Health Maintenance – Adapting To Online Learning

With the pandemic situation, students are struggling with a lot of changes in educational learning strategies. Understandably, there is nothing much they can do. They have to deal with the stress whether they like it or not. That even if there is a higher level of fear and anxiety due to the Coronavirus spread, they still need to find better solutions to adapt. Thankfully, students can continue their school duties through online learning. But that can be stressful too since social distancing is entirely important. So before stress can somehow take a toll on students’ mental health, here are some of the tips that can help them in the midst of the rapid transition to online learning.


Focus On What’s More Important

Right now, it is essential that students must understand that schoolwork is actually less important. Yes, studying is part of their responsibility, but schoolwork should not become the students’ primary focus as of the moment. The idea of adjusting to too many things in life is already overwhelming and exhausting work for them. Thus, students need to significantly improve their mental and emotional health, above all. Honestly, school work can wait. Students should not force themselves to commit to their school tasks just because they believe they have to or just because society thinks they need to comply. If they come to think of it, they will not learn anything when they are under an extreme level of pressure anyway. Therefore, the most productive thing the students can do is to take care of their mental health before returning to their studies. Some of the things they can start working on are the following:

  • Learning some mindfulness
  • Engaging in physical activities
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Avoiding too much exposure to negativity
  • Spending less time on social media


Change Is Not Limited To Students Only

Since there are quite a few things that need consideration right now, students have to note that even the online learning courses are constantly changing. It would bring students to the reality that they are not the only ones experiencing the need for adjustments because educators also face the same level of anxiety and stress that the change in the educational system brings. Almost all educators also struggle to adapt to the different teaching and assessment strategies only to follow and promote social distancing. Not all educators are given too many options when it comes to the necessary teaching adjustments, so students should realize that what they are going through is only a portion of the total global alteration that is happening right now in the midst of the pandemic. Thus, instead of complaining about the mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion, online learning is giving them, students should also consider some of the following:

  • Informing their educators about the students’ current online learning struggle
  • Expressing their thoughts and feelings about how challenging online learning is
  • Avoiding distraction to help educators deliver their task properly
  • Exerting an effort to follow their educators learning reminders
  • Cooperating wholeheartedly and complaining less about the situation


Identify Realistic Expectation

It is entirely essential to avoid unnecessary stress to be able to take care of one’s mental health. That is why students should learn to identify realistic expectations of their school requirements and duties. Therefore, the best way to encourage students to work better in school and personal life should start identifying the things that they can realistically accomplish. Students can make their own to-do list. However, they should ensure that their list is not loaded so that they can guarantee themselves to get things done. Because if they put too many on the list, chances are, students will get stressed that they won’t even start the task or finish whatever they have started. With that, here are some of the things students can do:

  • Prioritizing their to-do list that is achievable
  • Listing things that are guaranteed to work on in a day
  • Avoiding multitasking and other distractions as much as possible
  • Working on the prioritization matrix that can help ensure better time management
  • Focusing on the importance and productivity of any given task



Everyone would agree that a couple of things can impact students’ mental health situation right now that can somehow make them less productive. And given that online learning is way too convenient for them, it still does not guarantee better educational learning for most of the students. Honestly, everything about online learning is still on a case-to-case basis. Some students may hugely benefit from it, while some may only struggle. The most notable thing that people should remember is that humans are still prone to unexpected overall damages even if technology has already made this far. Thus, it is entirely significant to focus on mental health before taking anything school or personal task to the next level.

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