How The Internet Has Become An Essential During The COVID-19 Pandemic


Authorities from different parts of the world have imposed strict measures to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly, the simple act of staying at home could save your life and of others.

The directive to remain at home has become more comfortable because of the internet. Having a reliable internet connection has become essential to maintain access to everything, such as work, school, the government, and commercial establishments, among others.

There is a shift in the way we use the internet. The internet is now an essential tool in adapting to the “new normal” the pandemic brings. Make your current quarantine more manageable through maximizing the use of your internet connection. Aside from play and entertainment, here are more ways you could incorporate internet use to your current lifestyle.

The Internet Helps With Our Mental Health


“Connecting with others in a caring way, soothes our inner anxiety beasts. This is one of the reasons that social distancing has led to louder anxiety levels. Finding new and creative ways to connect with other people safely has never been more important,” says Eric Goodman, P.h.D.

Experts say that mental health may be the next pandemic the world will experience after COVID-19. Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression could result from the uncertainty of the coming days because of COVID-19. Suddenly, we are far away from people who might help us, such as our friends, family members, and professionals. Fortunately, technology and the internet introduced a means to overcome this challenge.

  • Mental Health Apps

While it is best to stay at home, there are several mobile applications that you could try to deal with today’s challenges. These programs may vary from mood trackers, online support groups, or guided meditation activities. Do not let your thoughts get the best of you. Try which application would work for you and focus on getting better.

  • Find An Online Therapist

With just a few clicks, you could easily find therapists who offer their services online. However, finding the right one for you may be quite a challenge. To avoid creating more harm than good, make sure to do some research about your online therapist. For first-timers, it might be helpful to ask others who have tried online therapy. Always decide with your health in mind; the goal will always be to feel better.

The Internet As A Means For Communication


The internet has always been a means for us to connect. Before the pandemic, social media is for sharing our daily lives through our posts. Photographs and stories have become our means to update our social circle. But due to the pandemic, the internet has become a means to connect to everything.

  •  Work And Learn From Home

The need to stay at home includes the closing of schools and offices. Students had to adjust to learning at home. Moreover, homes have become offices. The relocation means that tasks had to be accomplished and submitted from home. The internet has become an essential tool to keep us productive during the quarantine period.

  • Contactless Transactions

Because of the need to stay at home, users turned to mobile applications to push through with their transactions. Examples of which are banking transactions and bill payments. However, the most significant shift the pandemic brought is the use of applications for food and grocery delivery services.

Because of the pandemic, restaurants take online orders and offer delivery services. Households have also resorted to buying their groceries through applications. Anything from payment to delivery can now be contactless to avoid the further spread of the virus.

  • Information Transfer 

The information does not only refer to the news; this also includes data from different sectors of society, such as health and the government. The internet allows a quick transfer of information not only for one industry to another but, more importantly, to different countries around the world. Any data on how to handle the pandemic should be immediately transmitted primarily for matters that could save millions of lives.

Slowly, everyone should be accustomed to living in the new normal. The good thing is that we have the tools to make the transition easier. Everything is now at your fingers. Let’s continue to fight the battle against COVID-19 with the use of our weapon, the internet. 

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