Digital Apps That Keep Your Kids Safe

If you are a parent, then perhaps we have the same feeling when our kids go out into the world. We get anxious and scared of what might happen out there. Certainly, danger doesn’t only exist among adults but children as well. The United States Department of Justice reports that more than 4,000 children are missing in the year 2018 alone. That’s why no responsible and loving parent would ever be so mindless when their child goes to school, plays in the neighborhood, or even when he’s across the street over to his best friend’s. For this reason, there are a lot of parents who have used phone apps to monitor their kids and be able to know at least where they are and if they’re safe.


Psychiatrists state that most parents that they talk to are worried and stressed over how to keep their children safe both in the real and the digital worlds. A known fact is that more than 95% of children today are capable of and have access to smartphones, and parents and teachers must be aware of what is in their phones. This is especially crucial in terms of who kids chat and talk with online and to make sure that he’s not communicating to strangers who might turn out to be kidnappers, pedophiles, or even serial killers.

Fortunately, there are mobile applications available today that allow parents to view their kids’ phones remotely so they what their kids are doing, where they are currently, and what they do when they’re out of their parents’ sight. There are millions of apps in the Apple Store, and it can be confusing for parents to choose which ones they should use and which ones not to use. Parents must do thorough research as to what apps are the most trusted by other parents themselves. Here are some that are most commonly used.

OurPact. This is a family tracker that parents can use. It allows them to locate their children and other family members and can even let them control screen time spent by their kids by simply blocking their Internet connection and access.


Noonlight. With the use of advanced technology, Noonlight allows users to connect with Emergency contacts or numbers when you are lost or in a dangerous situation that you need to get out of.

Norton. This family parental software helps parents protect their children by remotely connecting them to their children’s phones, so they’ll know what their children are up to. They can recognize a possible threat before they magnify.

MammaBear. It has both warning and tracking features so parents can keep track of their children. It consists of a family mapping system that helps easily locate where they are.

FBI Child ID. It’s the first mobile app that the FBI made. It effectively saves photos and other important details about your kids so that everything is at reach when you need them.


My Family Tracker. This GPS tracking device enables parents to monitor children’s whereabouts by tracking their Apple and Android phone and tablets. Parents are also able to send free text messages to their kids when necessary.

Spyzie. The app enables parents to monitor their kids’ activities from a different cellphone, theirs perhaps. It is also used as a monitoring tool for most devices, which includes iOS and Android. Spyzie can track text messages, calls, WhatsApp, and your child’s current location.



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