Internet Of Things: Technological Trends


 I’m guessing that you are very much oriented with the Internet of Things (who’s not?) and technology. In fact, almost all of us are excited about the yearly innovations that emerge, more state-of-the-art and more powerful as ever. But do you remember the technology trends that were introduced to the world last 2018? Let’s reminisce.

Education. Aside from smart homes and offices, we’ve seen smart schools last year! We saw not long ago the shift in education from hardbound books to audiobooks to online teaching tools, such as the Blackboard, an online platform that serves to allow teachers to communicate directly with their students.

Gaming. Undoubtedly, the IoT has transformed the gaming world, starting from the invention of Augmented Reality, which is aimed at allowing us to interact with those around us in unique ways. After Pokémon Go, the gaming industry was rocked with the birth of online gambling. As traditional casinos allow people to see each other’s reactions, online gambling sites now allow for tracking of players’ info and other details, without violating their privacy. What’s more, as a player you can go to the casino and then continue playing at home.

Insurance. Because of the upgrade of technology through the IoT, customers’ insurance details make it easier to be accessed online. This allows for more accurate computations for liabilities and premiums. For instance, a digital company is working with Google’s Nest in attaching home smoke alarms, which decreases the likelihood of fire while also effectively reducing insurance premiums. The warning alert is sent through the homeowner’s phone when smoke is detected, or if for some reason there is a carbon monoxide leak somewhere.

The insurance company provides homeowners with this modern technology free of charge. That’s a 5% discount on their premiums once the system is fully implemented.



Mobile Communications. This is among the most basic aspects of the IoT. GPS and voice systems have been made possible through smartphones. Another great innovation that we have benefited from the upgrade in mobile communications is in the field of telehealth, where the doctor and patient engage in a consultation or therapy session through videoconferencing. They can also do this while sending and receiving blood pressure or ultrasound results from the gadget that the patient is currently using. The Medic Mirror is an application that enables doctors to provide a rough diagnosis of their patients through the use of a digital mirror. Amazing!


Health And Fitness. Who doesn’t know anything about the Fitbit devices? These are smart innovations that were made possible by the Internet of Things. Fitness enthusiasts are now able to track their progress and achieve their fitness goals by tracking themselves instead of having to hire a coach. Other gadgets can also recognize a person coming in and going out of the gym and monitor their weight, body fat percentage, etc. It has given us the freedom to achieve our fitness goals easily and conveniently.

Money Matters. By now, you have so much as benefited from comfortably acquiring your money through the ATMs near you instead of having to line up in the bank to get it. After this, the IoT made it possible for us to check on our funds and transactions on our smartwatches and phones. Well, we can even transfer funds with just one click of our keypads. It’s made our financial life much easier to handle.

These upgrades that we experienced last year and are still continually experiencing to this day will hasten or slow down our success and the pace of our lives. It just depends on how we use them to our advantage.


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