Be A Smart Parent, Take Care Of Your Baby The Smart Way

Indeed, the future is here and now.  IoT or the internet of things is fast becoming the new best friend of new moms and dads.  Monitoring their newborn has become less of a hassle.  This new technology allows mothers to do other stuff than just watching over their babies without worries.

It’s natural for new mothers to be paranoid.  Always thinking how their babies are doing even when a nanny is looking after the baby.  And who will not be, with the incidence of SIDS still high, moms always wanted to check for their little ones (breathing, heart rate, temperature, position, and more).


IOT Saves The Day!

With the new technology called the Internet of Things (IoT), moms can monitor their babies wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

You may be wondering what these IOTs are.

Internet of things, as the name implies, are things (devices) you can put or attach to your baby for you to be able to monitor his pulse, temperature, heartbeat, activity level, and even position when sleeping.  These devices are connected on the internet.  They collect and share the data (as I’ve mentioned above) you want to know.  This is made possible by the chip and processor in the device and wireless network.

IOTs makes you not just feel secured but also do things smarter.


What Are Some Of The Example Of These Smart Devices For Babies?

The industry of IoT is booming, and there are now plenty of devices in the market available for parents.


This smart onesie has a cute turtle tracker.  The sensor that comes with it checks the baby’s respiratory rate, temperature, sleep, position, and level of activity.  The data collected is being transferred real-time.  These data can be accessed and shared by parents and babysitters in any mobile device.


Imagine a smart pacifier that helps (new) parents cope with the anxiety when their baby is ill.   This pacifier can track the baby’s temperature and create a time-stamped log that corresponds the variation in temperature with the medicine administered.  It’s easier for moms and dads to check the effectivity of the medication taken by the baby.

Another exciting thing about this smart pacifier is it has a built-in proximity sensor.   Parents can go over their child’s activity.  They will get a notification once the baby attempts to venture out.  The alarm triggered once the child gets off the set distance (65-feet range).  If ever the pacifier is misplaced or hidden by your child, there is an alarm that will alert you.



This wearable band tracks your baby’s movements and sleep.  It will tell you when the baby awoke or if he rolled over.  This app can predict your baby’s naps and wake-ups after collecting data on a few sleep cycles.   It would be easier for you to plan your days knowing these details.

Sproutling will also send you personalized tips on how to improve sleep and bedtime condition.  It can inform you if the room temperature is warmer or cooler than what is necessary for your baby to have a sound sleep.  It will also notify you once your baby’s heart rate rises or falls than his usual rate.

Baby-Movement Monitor

This device is assembled with a sensor which can tell the exact time the child starts to wake up.  This can allow mom or dad to anticipate the baby’s needs and attend to it immediately so that the baby can go back again to sleep.  What a comfort for everybody to have more sleep time.

Notifications can be sent via email, call, text, or tweet.  It is also possible to update your FB status with the alert.


Keep your kids safe when in the pools, lakes, rivers, or any body of water.  An anti-drowning gadget with an embedded sensor which can be worn as a wrist or headband.  The sensory perceives when the iSwimband is underwater for an amount of time and alerts a companion app when it goes up to 100 ft away.


The Guardian Animals

Your old teddy bear not just becomes smarter; he also brings along some company.  These guardian animals are here now to look after your baby.  Each one has their own unique superpowers.  Teddy has a sensor in its paws which measures both the body and the surrounding temperature.  The giraffe monitors the child’s posture as well as the level of activity.  The lion tracks your baby’s heart rate and blood oxygen saturation.  These cute and cuddly animals can be your baby’s best friends and a valuable and dependable assistant to you.

Mothering a newborn is indeed very terrifying, tiring, and frustrating at the same time, especially for first-time moms and dads.  The evolution of technology and the booming IOT industry is making parents feel more secure than ever that they can sleep with peace of mind knowing that their baby is well taken care of.  Technology once again has made the journey of parenthood a sweet and joyous experience.

Motherhood can be taxing at some point, and occasional counseling may be of help. So aside from these devices, there are also new developments, such as online counseling like that of BetterHelp. Since having a newborn requires you to stay at home most of the time, this therapy is very convenient. Apart from allowing you to do it at the comfort of your home, you can also schedule with a therapist the schedule that works best for you.


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