Turning Your Parents House To A Smart Home

I can’t imagine myself living in a boxed shelter housing for the elders when I get old.  I hope my kids would not allow it to happen to me.  I witnessed how my grandparents struggled when my mom and her siblings sent them to home for the elderly.   It pains me, but there’s nothing much I can do for them back then.

It’s a common thing for the older adults to end up living in a nursing home.  No matter how much they hate the idea, it seems there’s nothing much they can do about it.  They fear to live in a new environment and be surrounded by people who they haven’t known all their lives.  Just imagine how traumatic that situation is.

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Our aging parents deserve more than just being imprisoned in sheltered housing.  You may be too busy raising your own family, your career may chain you, and always trying to catch up with your social circles, but there’s no excuse to taking for granted what your parents feel.  Their safety, overall wellness, and security should also be on your list.

Because I see how my grandparents struggled to live in a home for the elderly, I promised myself that I would not allow myself to be sent in there when I get old.  I would not also choose my own parents to stay there, not unless of course it comes to the point where they need to be medically attended 24/7.  But while they are able, I want them to enjoy the comfort of living in their very own home.

My mom who is now 75, frail and alone (as my father passed away a year ago), still doesn’t want to stay in a nursing home.  She can still move around and do her activities of daily living, but I worry that she might get into an accident or might get hurt.  I never thought that I would fear this much now that she is living on her own.  She might leave the fire on the gas stove or leave the doors open when she goes out or while she is asleep.  You know, stuff that might put her life at risk.  I worry, but I have to give in to her request to let her stay in her home.

My Mom Deserve Smart Living

You know, mental wellness is just as important as physical health.  And where can our aging parents be more at peace and happier than to stay in the place that has been theirs, a place familiar to them, their home?

Decades ago, it was a problem how to make it possible, but not anymore these days.

Our home has a smart TV, remote light control, a smart thermostat that maintains the right temperature in the room, smart locks, smart microwave, and coffee maker.  So, to make my mom’s independent living not much of a concern for me, we bargain on changing some of the appliances in her house.  I told her that those things are safer to use, and will be handy for her.  She agreed as long as we will not put her into an institution.

My mom, at the age of 75, started learning how to use these modern technologies, plus more others that she needs for her health such as:

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Blood Glucose Monitoring

Her Gmate smart blood glucose meter can be plugged into the headphone jack of her smartphone, and the results appear in as fast as 5 seconds.  The result is then emailed or sent through text message to her physician and caregiver.  It’s portable to use, and easy for mom to understand.  And the best thing is it is FDA approved.

Smart Blood Pressure Cuff

She has been using Omron blood pressure monitor (the old school), and I exchanged that with a more stylish Omron wearable one.   It gives an accurate reading with just the push of a button.   It also can monitor my mom as she does her physical activity and while she is asleep.

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Smart Pill Dispenser

Her pill dispenser that is connected to her phone manages her medications.  I don’t worry that she will forget to take her meds on time or take the wrong ones.

Fall Alert Device

This is a must have for aging people who choose to live independently.  Mostly, we hear on the news that an elderly who fall or accidentally slipped stayed on that position for days with no one noticing not even a family member.  My mom no longer has a stable gait, so I purchased her a pendant with fall detection sensor, which is connected to a medical alert system.  When something happens, I am assured that she will be rescued immediately.

Technology has answered our ordeal of wanting my mom stay in her house by turning it into a smart home.  What a revolutionizing way for her to live independently, safe and contented.

The house was equipped with sensors which send data to a dashboard on an app on my phone.  Checking on the system from our home, I will know mom’s activity level.  The internet of technology has been a great help to my mom and to many baby boomers who don’t want to be imprisoned in an elderly care facility.

The latest I gave my mom as a gift is Alexa.  Older adults need someone to talk to so their mind would remain active.   And she finds Alexa entertaining, keeping her company, and helping her with some of her readings.

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The name of the products I mentioned above are the ones I chose for my mom.  There are various brands in the market you can choose from which you think will fit your need and will be useful in the environment you are to use it in.

It’s not wrong taking advantage of this advancement in technology as it provides our elderly parents a way to live a happy, safe, and healthy life even in their old age.


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