Don’t Let Hackers Get Into Your Smart Homes

Many consumers are now going into home automation.  Purchasing devices that can be linked to the internet allow residents to manage and monitor their homes conveniently.  Without moving from their position, they can easily adjust the lighting, the room’s temperature, and even lock the door.   This is the new smart home technology.


AdvantagesOf Switching Over To Smart Home

The number one advantage is, of course, convenience to the homeowners.   Everyday life is just so complicated, and so we want to make living easier.   Imagine yourself just sitting on your couch but can lock the door, dim the light, turn on or off whatever appliances by just clicking on your phone.


When you reach home from a tiring day in the office, your garage door will automatically open, the air conditioning will cool the room, adjusting to the ideal temperature, and your favorite music automatically plays from your speaker.


Another advantage is it gives you peace of mind and safety especially when you have a baby left at home with just the nanny.   There are tons of smart devices that will allow anxious parents to monitor their baby while doing something in the yard, washing clothes, cooking in the kitchen, or resting in her room.  Most parents choose to buy these products to help their kids be up to date with the technology for it will be the future of every home, building, schools, and every establishment.



Aside from the high price of these smart devices/appliances, they are hackable.  No matter how smart and advance this technology is, it does not make your home immune from malicious hackers.  It is a fact that every smart device is prone to get hacked once they are connected on the internet.  When this happened, it sure is a real big problem.  Whatever data you are collecting, saving, and others can penetrate sharing.


Hackers tap into these devices, kid’s toys, monitoring devices to spy or to be able to get into your homes.  This is frightening.  Your family’s safety is at stake.


In a report, millions of smart devices were hacked by cybercriminals.   In fact, hackers were able to access LG home appliances and robotic vacuums.  The company immediately looked into this and made the necessary fix, but they still warn consumers to be smarter when using these smart appliances.


How To Safeguard Your Home From Hackers

Fear of these hackers should not stop you from living a comfortable life that you wanted.  Instead of playing it safe or living in fear, protect your home and your family by being smarter.   Follow the recommendations of the manufacturers on how to guard your home.

  • Purchase products from reputable manufacturers or vendors.
  • Install firmware/malware protection and always get it updated.
  • Use strong passwords, challenging to figure out but easy to remember.
  • Regularly change passwords and default usernames.
  • Put tape on your laptop’s camera and microphone when you’re not using them.
  • Be careful in choosing which apps should know and show your location.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi.
  • Keep apart internet connections of your devices from your central computer.
  • Turn off the devices which you do not use, especially your kid’s monitoring devices and toys.

More and smarter homes are getting connected, which is creating concern for homeowners.  Your privacy can easily be invaded with one wrong click or one wrong connection.  Your doors can be unlocked; others can watch cameras, your kids’ toys can be hacked, refrigerators can be infiltrated, and more.  But whether your home is smart home or not, burglars will break in if they wish to.   And only you can protect yourself from them.  You must learn to secure your connection and your appliances to keep them out.

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