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    Authorities from different parts of the world have imposed strict measures to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly, the simple act of staying at home could save your […]

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      Source: The 2018 Digital Security Summit was thought to be the cybersecurity event of the year. The attendees, which reached nearly 2000, were composed of security experts, tech […]

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    2019 Most Popular Depression Apps It is a known fact that almost all of us get depressed at some point in our lives. According to Robert D. Kerns, Ph.D., “Some […]

  • Internet Of Things: Technological Trends

     I’m guessing that you are very much oriented with the Internet of Things (who’s not?) and technology. In fact, almost all of us are excited about the yearly innovations that […]

  • Innovations In Technology For The Improvement Of Mental Health

    “Today the Internet plays a role in the lives of nearly 40% of the world’s population, and it is becoming increasingly entwined in daily life,” according to psychologist Samuel D. […]

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    The services of mental health experts such as a psychiatrist, therapist, and counselor have become in-demand in society these days. Many people are now looking for these professionals because of […]

  • The Benefits Of IoT In Healthcare

    Since the boom of technology, every industry became less dependent on human labor. That is because the more machine and equipment use, the less human error to encounter. There is […]

  • The Role Of Technology In Behavioral Health’s Enhancement

    Behavioral health disorders are on the rise and now considered as a significant source of disability and distress. According to statistics, an estimated 26 percent of individuals all over the […]